Our standards

Product Quality, Customer Service, On Time Delivery, Project Management and Cost Performance is what Nass Venture has built a reputation on through years of experience by utilising our extensive knowledge and resources in the supply of quality  medical and scientific equipment.

Our mission is achieving this through a broad product range with innovative design sourced through quality manufacturers creating complete customer satisfaction.

Nass Venture focuses on cultivating a loyal customer base by reducing manufacturing turn around time, maximising on time deliverys, providing innovative engineered products and superior service.
Serving All Industries

Nass Venture  has defined six standards that underpin our six strategic priorities.
Safety, People , Community, Environment, Risk integrity and accountability.
Our safety standard says:
Nothing that we do at Nass Venture is so important that we cannot find the time to do it safely. We recognise that good safety performance, and the safety of everyone who works for us or is affected by our work, are critical to the success of our business.
Our goal is for no accidents and no harm to people and we are committed to the achievement of that goal. The standard covers:

  • Management, leadership and resources
  • Training and competency
  • Planning and review
  • Management of safe systems of work
  • The management of development
  • Health management
  • Communication and consultation
  • Joint venture and client involvement
  • The management of contractors and suppliers
  • Auditing performance
  • Reporting and sharing health and safety experience

Our people standard states that:
Employees will be treated in a manner that respects them as individuals, develops their potential in the context of the business, encourages them to play a part in Nass Venture’s  development and enables them to share in Nass Ventures success.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Operate procedures to ensure employees can develop their potential in the context of the business and achieve an appropriate work life balance.
  • Keep employees informed about business changes, encourage them to play a part in the business’s development and enable them to benefit from business success.
  • Operate processes to gauge on a regular basis employee satisfaction levels, and take appropriate action in response to the findings.
  • Recruit and develop employees only on the grounds of competency and capability and without discrimination in terms of race, religion, national origin, colour, gender, marital status, age, sexual preference or disability unrelated to the job.

Our community standard states that:
We will show sensitivity to the values and concerns of communities in which we do business and we aim to enhance community well-being, principally through contributions of time, in-kind support and expertise.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Operate procedures for identifying and managing community impacts in the course of business.
  • Ensure employees have opportunities to contribute time, skills and expertise in the community. .

Our environment standard states that:
We believe that natural resources should be used sustainably and we will adopt working practices that help achieve that goal.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Operate procedures to identify and manage their significant resource impacts, including the impacts of energy use.
  • Have management plans to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their significant resource uses.

Our risk standard states that:
We will recognise and manage risk in all aspects of our business.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Operate an appropriate risk identification and management process.

Our integrity standard states that:
We will demonstrate integrity and honesty in the way we conduct business.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty in the conduct of its business.
  • Promote such conduct to their employees, providing guidance where it is required.
  • Ensure their employees are aware of, and have access to, a whistle-blowing procedure.

Our accountability standards states that:
We will account for our actions in a way that meets all that might justifiably be expected of us.
All aspects of the business must:

  • Have procedures for engaging with and being responsive to stakeholders, including the provision of appropriate information.
  • Foster working practices in which all employees are assigned responsibilities appropriate to their skills and capabilities, have appropriate support and are accountable for the discharge of those responsibilities.